Writing on software engineering, management, and working remotely.

All of my long-form thoughts in chronological order. Including the stuff I don't believe anymore but I keep for historical purposes.

Write Design Docs like Amazon

This is the exhaustive Design Document format that I used while working at AWS Amplify.

The Basics

Here’s what I consider to be the basics. I call them that not because they’re easy, but because they’re fundamental. The foundation on which your advanced skills and expertise rest. Multipliers and nullifiers, makers and breakers of everything you do.

Nested Checkbox Coding Challenge

I had an interview challenge shared with me that's used at a large fintech company. This is my solution.

Javascript Fatigue

The viral post that lead to Create React App, Babel's preset-env, and more.

Writing Paralysis

Why it's difficult to make time to write.

Track Commits, Not Time

Preventing micro-management & time-tracking without new processes